Sunday, 16 September 2012

fruit picking

when the follies were little, one of my regular activities during the summer was to spend a day or more picking fruit at the 'pick your own'.  We would end up with copious amounts of strawberries along with a fair few raspberries and currants.

Since moving closer to Ganger Farm 2 years ago we have not continued with such visits.  

However, this year we overcame our disappointment that the farm no longer grows strawberries and decided to pick raspberries and redcurrants. We tried the loganberries and tayberries but at this time of the year the branches are spartan.


Bess enjoyed running up and down the long corridors of fruit plants.

The teenagers lasted for a while but interest did wane. After a wholehearted endeavour with the raspberries their contributions tailed off considerably. The rest of us maintained a more steady picking pace tasting as we went.

We brought our haul home but it didn't seem to stretch as far as in the past and managed only a raspberry and redcurrant cordial and a crumble for evening dessert.  Folly 4 and I vowed we would be back for more ...