Tuesday, 28 February 2012

half term

  • I knew we would be spending half term week at home as there was building work aplenty to supervise.
  • I knew I had a huge washing pile to demolish - built up as  a result of a frozen washing machine due to the recent cold weather.
  • I knew three of the follies would be accompanying Mr Folly to a 'bring your child to work' day.
  • I knew there were orthodontist and hair appointments to fit in.
  • I knew the eldest Folly would be off for an activity weekend with her youth group.
  • I thought we would be spending much of the time crafting and baking close to a roaring fire.

Things have turned out quite differently. 

  • The warmer temperatures have tempted us outside on much longer walks with Bess. 
  • The chicken house has had a bit of a spring clean.
  • Friends have taken pity on the younger follies and they have been invited out to multiple sleepovers.
  • I have managed lunch with a friend at her new home.
  • We have not managed much in the way of making at all.
  • I have been taught the first stages of nordic walking.
  • Builders in the kitchen has meant limited baking and cooking.
  • Builders in the kitchen has also meant they are making their own cups of tea just now.

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Thursday morning saw me celebrating with tea all round as the roof was completed. YIPPEE! Just in time for the snowfall Thursday night.  Now by the standards of those living in countries where snow lasts from November to May this was an insignificant amount, but even so I was relieved that we were weatherproof before snow fell.

On another positive note, we have windows along the upstairs hall corridor and windows in the two new bedrooms. 

The studwork for the new bathroom is also taking shape which reminds us that we need to choose and order our bathroom suite.

I can see the makings of a storage cupboard.  There are electric wires now trailing across ceilings indicating placements of light fittings and switches.

The negative side to all our gains is a dodgy phoneline. As slates progressed across the roof our telephone connection became intermittent. Finally things settled down and we were left with internet, the capacity to receive phonecalls sounding as if on apparatus from the early 1900's and the complete inability to  telephone out. Outward calls necessitate walking out into the middle of the field behind the house and using the mobile. In this chilly weather it's making for some very succinct conversations.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

dancing sunday

with three of the young follies taking dancing lessons, when exam time rolls around it’s a full day.

there are ballet buns to make

the use of copious amounts of hairspray

a modern style half bun to master

ballet ribbons to sew

theory questions to memorise

ballet shoes to clean

it’s a good thing that my disorganisation meant we arrived super duper early at the exam venue rather than the required 30 minutes before the exam time.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


… the temperature’s dropped here in the south of the uk and coincidentally we have just had the roof removed from the whole of the house.

When it was time to think about joining the roof of the new extension to that of the old house it became apparent that the whole house needed a new roof!  Decisions, decisions – do we forego the kitchen and get the roof or wait and do a little patching until we have saved some more.  In the end we went with the sensible, though not exciting option, of a new roof and the kitchen will have to wait awhile.

So up with more scaffolding at the front of the house as well as the back.

Off with the old slates and on with the new felt and batons.

Next week we should see the new slates over the whole roof but until then we have to turn up the heating and hope the snow holds off.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

hello february

I am rather pleased to see February.  It isn't the weather so much that bothers me - which is a good thing as this week is going to be a chilly one. No, it's the light. I struggle to get out of bed in a morning whilst it is still dark and dread the fact that we barely get home from school pick up and it's dark again. There just isn't enough time to do everything!

The lack of light doesn't seem to have effected the productivity of our chickens we have had a steady of eggs throughout the winter. 

With the arrival of February I feel we are getting towards lighter months again and the month is a short one (though a leap year this time).  

Of course February also brings half term so I need to get thinking of some fun activities for the week - any ideas?