Wednesday, 1 February 2012

hello february

I am rather pleased to see February.  It isn't the weather so much that bothers me - which is a good thing as this week is going to be a chilly one. No, it's the light. I struggle to get out of bed in a morning whilst it is still dark and dread the fact that we barely get home from school pick up and it's dark again. There just isn't enough time to do everything!

The lack of light doesn't seem to have effected the productivity of our chickens we have had a steady of eggs throughout the winter. 

With the arrival of February I feel we are getting towards lighter months again and the month is a short one (though a leap year this time).  

Of course February also brings half term so I need to get thinking of some fun activities for the week - any ideas?

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  1. My ideas for half term involve lots of chilling and crafting! I have nominated you for a blog award - how exciting! Details on my blog xx