Friday, 6 May 2011

Yes or no?

I am embarrassed to admit that I always thought it would be a little thrilling to vote in a referendum.  I think it was the romantic in me thinking that there would be forceful debate about an issue we all cared about. Instead we find ourselves voting on whether to make a change about voting, and even the politicians are finding it hard to instigate intense debate.  I'm not sure that the 1975 referendum about staying in Europe faired any better in getting people motivated.

In respect to all the work of the suffragettes I always exercise my bitterly fought right to vote. Also, since we live next to the polling station excuses are somewhat limited. I do like to wait until 9.58pm though, just to make it seem worthwhile to keep the booths open until 10pm. 

So my excitable notions about a referendum have faded and I think the polling pole sums up the follies jaded feelings about politics just now.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Country mice visit the city

Mr Folly suggested the outing having himself watched that Fairytale wedding from a spot outside Buckingham Palace.  However, it was only in the last week that we convinced folly 4 that she would not actually have a prime seat in the abbey itself and would not be able to throw confetti on the bride.

Flags purchased, faces painted and picnic made we set off on the train from Winchester. We met other families on the train and the party atmosphere started here.  We are indebted to the family who lent us blue facepaint enabling the red stars on faces to be turned into union flags.

Organisation of trains and tube was amazing with instructions being put out over speakers and plenty of staff around to ask questions.  Mr F took charge as leader of the group and navigated us towards Pall Mall and we found ourselves outside Clarence House gates.  Here the follies discovered the magical properties of periscopes and managed to see Princes William and Harry leaving for the Abbey.  Follies 1 & 2 wriggled their way to a good spot and reported back to the crowd on the colour of the Queens outfit and details of the first glimpse of THE DRESS.

We ate our picnic during the marriage service, interrupting sandwich chewing for the big cheer as William and Kate were pronounced husband and wife.  Jerusalem was accompanied by not only flag waving but also crisp crunching, though more decorum was shown by us all for the national anthem.

By this point we had secured a length of railing running along the edge of St James Park behind the crowds at the edge of the Mall and all 4 Follies could stand on this railing holding onto Mr & Mrs Folly shoulders.  A perfect view for them but sadly it did mean that Mr & Mrs had to rely solely on the things they thought worthy of report. They really enjoyed seeing the little bridesmaids chattering and waving.

Once the procession was over the surge up the Mall began and this is where the country mice began to feel a little overwhelmed as confident older 2 follies strode into the throng while the younger 2 clung to parental trouser pockets. Pressing closer and closer to strangers did not feel comfortable to those girls used to wide open personal spaces and eventually we decided to give up on the chance to see the balcony scene and return home to try and catch glimpses of ourselves on tv.

Once home we immediately watched the tv coverage and so with camera images mingling into those watched for real we all began to believe we had that seat in the abbey - if only we had remembered to bring the confetti.