Friday, 6 May 2011

Yes or no?

I am embarrassed to admit that I always thought it would be a little thrilling to vote in a referendum.  I think it was the romantic in me thinking that there would be forceful debate about an issue we all cared about. Instead we find ourselves voting on whether to make a change about voting, and even the politicians are finding it hard to instigate intense debate.  I'm not sure that the 1975 referendum about staying in Europe faired any better in getting people motivated.

In respect to all the work of the suffragettes I always exercise my bitterly fought right to vote. Also, since we live next to the polling station excuses are somewhat limited. I do like to wait until 9.58pm though, just to make it seem worthwhile to keep the booths open until 10pm. 

So my excitable notions about a referendum have faded and I think the polling pole sums up the follies jaded feelings about politics just now.

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