Friday, 3 June 2011

Summer at the follies

The lack of rain and relatively warm temperatures here in the South indicated that summer was here and today we got the sunshine as well. It was gorgeous weather here in Hampshire and with the girls of the house currently home for half term holidays we were able to enjoy.  All friends from the previous days (and nights) sleepovers had left and all our appointments done, so today had a real holiday feel.

We put the splash pool up early in May thinking that we might have a repeat of last years hot weather.  There had been sporadic use especially from Folly 3 who loves the water, but today the girls were in and out all day.  We had synchronised swimming shows, handstand competitions and mermaid games.

   All our meals were outside today and after a full day of activity what better way to head into the evening than with a game of cards.

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