Sunday, 5 June 2011


After a lull of many years we find ourselves with invitations to a few weddings this spring and summer.  Of course just like the personalities of our friends and family they are very different in formality and occasion.  Today as a friend takes her vows and we are unable to join in their celebration I find myself thinking about these rites.  There is something extremely powerful about the moment in which two people willingly marry together.  I see such a sign of optimisim and hope whether in the pomp of a royal wedding, the intimacy of a family gathering, or in wedding photographs of those that we do not personally know.  I remember at my own wedding the strange feeling that everyone gathered at the church and reception was there sending love and good wishes to us. I think back to all those times we have attended weddings and feel so privileged to share in such a special moment. And so tonight as my friend and her new husband dance, eat and drink in celebration I send out my love to wish them a special future together.

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