Saturday, 11 February 2012


Thursday morning saw me celebrating with tea all round as the roof was completed. YIPPEE! Just in time for the snowfall Thursday night.  Now by the standards of those living in countries where snow lasts from November to May this was an insignificant amount, but even so I was relieved that we were weatherproof before snow fell.

On another positive note, we have windows along the upstairs hall corridor and windows in the two new bedrooms. 

The studwork for the new bathroom is also taking shape which reminds us that we need to choose and order our bathroom suite.

I can see the makings of a storage cupboard.  There are electric wires now trailing across ceilings indicating placements of light fittings and switches.

The negative side to all our gains is a dodgy phoneline. As slates progressed across the roof our telephone connection became intermittent. Finally things settled down and we were left with internet, the capacity to receive phonecalls sounding as if on apparatus from the early 1900's and the complete inability to  telephone out. Outward calls necessitate walking out into the middle of the field behind the house and using the mobile. In this chilly weather it's making for some very succinct conversations.


  1. Happy roof dance for you! At least your phone bills will be reduced! xx