Tuesday, 28 February 2012

half term

  • I knew we would be spending half term week at home as there was building work aplenty to supervise.
  • I knew I had a huge washing pile to demolish - built up as  a result of a frozen washing machine due to the recent cold weather.
  • I knew three of the follies would be accompanying Mr Folly to a 'bring your child to work' day.
  • I knew there were orthodontist and hair appointments to fit in.
  • I knew the eldest Folly would be off for an activity weekend with her youth group.
  • I thought we would be spending much of the time crafting and baking close to a roaring fire.

Things have turned out quite differently. 

  • The warmer temperatures have tempted us outside on much longer walks with Bess. 
  • The chicken house has had a bit of a spring clean.
  • Friends have taken pity on the younger follies and they have been invited out to multiple sleepovers.
  • I have managed lunch with a friend at her new home.
  • We have not managed much in the way of making at all.
  • I have been taught the first stages of nordic walking.
  • Builders in the kitchen has meant limited baking and cooking.
  • Builders in the kitchen has also meant they are making their own cups of tea just now.

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