Monday, 19 March 2012

a mothers day

homemade wrapping paper

Here in the UK Mothering Sunday is always celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This means that when Easter falls in March then Mother's Day can be most wintry. Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day in Hampshire with periods of bright sunshine so the Follies spent a relaxed day at home.

The Follies have a limited budget when it comes to present buying so it is always interesting to see how they spend their resources. They are very skeptical about my desire for the homemade as I don't think that would come high on their own list.

card made by Folly 4

Folly 1 decided not to spend any money but to give up her time instead and so ploughed her way through the ironing pile (I'm not sure that she realised just how high the mountain was before she made her offer).

Follies 2 and 3 gave me some luxury alongside the much needed item of handcream, whilst Folly 4 managed to wangle some free testers to supplement her floral gift.

Our day involved time at home with a family meal, phonecalls to mums far away, walks and cake decorating before beginning the Sunday evening routine.  Hope mums near and far had an equally calm Sunday whether celebrating Mothering Sunday or not!

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  1. Sounds like perfect day, ironing is a fantastic gift! Fantastic to read your posts again x