Tuesday, 20 March 2012

catching up

an electrical disaster with the computer lead left me without means to charge my laptop. I wasn't too upset with the inconvenience whilst waiting for the new lead as with Mr Folly heavily into IT and 2 teenage follies with laptops I thought I would get plenty of opportunity to read e-mails and update my blog.  However, my alloted timeslot was minimal and once the necessities of banking, reading school newsletters and organising shopping deliveries were dealt with I found my screen time over and the loaned laptop whisked away.

Eventually the new electrical lead arrived and I did manage a little blog reading but all opportunities for taking photos and writing have been quickly obliterated as things are moving fast with the extension. Each night we have to make more decisions than we ever realised possible. Having chosen our internal doors we then had to choose hinges and door handles.  Even now I'm not really sure of the appropriate criteria for hinge choosing. My current night-time reading consists of catalogues and more catalogues though surely this must change soon. 

  • The bathroom is all chosen now.
  • We are trying out carpet samples for the bedroom - all the follies line up in their bare feet and have to approve the texture as well as colour. 
  • Plastering and painting are ongoing with heaters running overnight to encourage the drying process.
  • We are still considering the possibility of a butler sink in the utility room.
  • The walls of the pantry have gone up.
  • The picture rail has been ruled out and skirting boards lie across the floor ready for fixing.
Tomorrow Mr Folly leaves the country for 10 days and I am unsure whether this is going to make things easier for decision making or more complicated, but I'll be sure to let you know.

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