Thursday, 4 August 2011


I hadn't realised just how much I had got used to the sounds of the countryside.  Our summer sounds are usually a variety of birdsong (albeit at an early hour), evening cricketers with their subdued clapping and occassional shouts, children playing, and in my own garden the clucking of chickens.

one of the four chickens - Bonnie (I think)

8am the whirr of power tools started and now at 6.30pm all is back to normal.  The reason being that overlooking our fence are many tall leylandii which the parish council have decided must be brought to a more managable height.  Today was the day this feat was accomplished.

Poor Bess the dog was beside herself with anxiety and took to barking. I took her out on a long peaceful walk but we still had to return home.  I tried music on my I-pod to drown the sound, I tried going into competition working my sewing machine at full speed but nothing could defeat the drone.

I found myself unable to settle to list of tasks I had hoped to achieve today.  It is at distinct moments such as this today when I realise how I have gradually eased myself into this quieter country life and am now most comfortable here.

the newly chopped leylandii hedge

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