Friday, 13 January 2012

Anyone for a cuppa

After 3 months the whole Folly family has become used to having the company of builders.  I have had to increase the milk delivery to cope with the number of cups of tea and 'builders biscuits' are regularly on the shopping list.  How handy too, for so many people to be around to take in the parcels and I can't begin to tell you how useful I find the skip on the driveway.

The rhythm of the day for Folly 4 has taken quite a different turn. When she wakes the first thing she asks is 'how many builders?'  Then, downstairs she makes the required amount of drinks.  After school the first thing she does is put the kettle on and again goes out to house how many cups of tea are needed. 

A change in rhythm has been forced upon Folly 1 and 3 as they have had to move out of their bedroom due to the removal of one wall.  Folly 3 has moved in with the parents and Folly 1 is now downstairs on the sofa bed. Both girls have adapted really well to the 'squash and squeeze' and the fact that their special belongings have been shared around all rooms of the house.

Of course the building works are not on schedule and we are not even halfway there yet so we await to see how long the spirit of adventure lasts!

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  1. I'll have a cuppa with you! It's coffee today on my blog and tea on yours! Good thing about building is there is no point in cleaning...