Thursday, 3 January 2013


We don't go all out with resolutions here at the Follies.  Perhaps it is that we are all so bad at keeping them that generally we don't want to bother.

Personally, I quite like the idea of resolutions. It's that same feeling as going back to school in September when you anticipate that need for new stationary products to make you ultra efficient.  That never works either, but it's a great feeling.

So this is what we've cobbled together for 2013:

  • Mr Folly is aiming to get back on track with the walking and healthy eating. 
  • I am cutting out buying magazines (but may possibly introduce more visits to dentist or doctor to catch up with my reading) and trying to become more organised with the use of lists.  This includes trying to organise my blog posts into a little more regularity.
  • Folly 1 aims to spend more time with the family. (Based on the persuading needed to get her home for roast dinner tonight I think this could have limited success.)
  • Folly 2 won't say.
  • Folly 3 isn't going to bother.
  • Folly 4 wants to try harder and not give up if she isn't successful first time around.

I think perhaps we could all do with working on this last one ...  

... even the dog!

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  1. Happy New Year Follies all! Having looked at our (lack of) funds from the building project, we are attempting a frugal new year! May it be full of happy memories, lots of creative & blogging fun and less magazines! Very much looking forward to reading your tales. xxx