Sunday, 3 February 2013


It was a brief get together with friends over a weekend.

 - an unexpected meeting organised over Christmas as we decided we needed something to look forward to during the dark days of January.

 - unexpected in that it is only 6 months since we were last together and we are usually much more remiss at planning events this close together - usually a year or more apart.

- unexpectedly the bad weather of the previous 2 weeks settled and so we did not have to  negotiate snowy conditions to meet.

 - unexpected that thanks to the wonders of Skype we managed to connect with another friend living in New Zealand and so for about 30 minutes we were transported back 25 years to the fun and chats enjoyed in a kitchen.

 - we shared the details of an unexpected award for one - certainly very much deserved.

 - we shared information of an expected and imminent house move of another.

- an unexpected sharing of gifts at the end of our weekend together.

most certainly well received in this year of non-magazine buying!

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