Friday, 29 October 2010

Let there be light (shades)

Now I understand that lampshades are not great as a chatting point.  In fact I have managed almost 7 months without any in about half the rooms in the house.  I suppose the bulbs were just not in my line of sight - just as I never seem to notice the cobwebs dangling from the ceiling.  However, with days getting shorter and so our increased use of lights, these bright twirls of energy efficiency have been getting on my nerves.  Whenever we buy anything in our house it becomes a major ordeal as both Mr and Mrs Folly have to agree and we rarely seem drawn to the same type of thing.  Such was my irritation that I just went for it and made an extravagant purchase from Laura Ashley. Doomed was the pricey lampshade and back it has to go after Mr Folly saw it in situ. 

Having suffered this preamble I am sure you understand then, my delight when the next day I find in a great second hand shop (Consortium) no less than 7 suitable lampshades at a lower price than my Laura Ashley debacle. Even if these are not to Mr Folly's taste at that price we can put up with them until we eventually find something we both agree upon and I can take off my sunglasses in the house.

One the successful lampshades in the hall

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