Monday, 21 November 2011

Room with a view

Or not as the case may be!

Four weeks into our 17 week project and the foundations have been laid, drainage dug and refilled and the ground floor walls built. So far no major hiccups but I probably shouldn't speak too soon on that one.  With progresss as swift as this it was time for the scaffolding to go up.  And so it did last week.

Now although the 4 Miss Follies had managed to play on the digger and dumper I found that these machines had disappeared off site before I got my turn and I was adamant this would not happen with the scaffolding.  So Saturday afternoon found me shimmying up the scaffold ladder (actually it was more of a painful easing with Mr Folly standing guard at the bottom of the ladder as I have quite a fear of heights).  It was fantastic seeing our garden and the fields beyond from such a vantage point and we positioned ourselves strategically to get a feel of the view from the bedroom windows.

not bad

quite pretty

oh dear

This will be the view from the side bedroom window - imagine when this lilac is in leaf!  We hadn't thought about this at all when planning the positioning of windows and there isn't really anything we can do apart from a little pruning I suppose.  Fortunately this room will be double aspect and so will have a view across the playing fields too and so there will be plenty of light.

I think scaffold climbing will now be curtailed as Mr Folly goes off on his work travels for the next few weeks and I don't want to encourage 4 Follies up to the heights.

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  1. how lovely the view will be when it is all frosty though x