Wednesday, 30 May 2012

An unfortunate event

oh dear. I'm not proving to be a good wife to the beekeeper. In the past I have received queen bees in a little jiffy bag through the post and then forgotten to mention their arrival until a couple of weeks later when they are no use to anyone.

This week I made another omission, but in my defence I also had the eldest folly with me.

With the cool and wet weather the bees in the garden were just coasting along. Foraging when they could, feeding the young bees, storing honey but all at quite a slow rate. We have four hives in the garden though only one was really strong.

So along came the sunny hot weather and the bees went into overdrive. On thursday I was outside hanging laundry when Folly 1 says, 'look at dad's bees they are going mad'.
All around the four hives was a buzzing and commotion 'oh yes' says I and disappear in the house without a second thought ...

Until Saturday morning when Mr Folly mentions the numbers of swarms around at the moment and I happen to mention the commotion. Yes you've guessed it - the bees from the strong hive have swarmed - so at present no queen and no eggs. 

Mmm not boding well for a bumper year of honey.

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