Wednesday, 9 May 2012

birthdays galore

may is always a busy time for us as we have two birthdays to celebrate on consecutive days.  This year the birthdays were a little more special as Folly 1 is now 16 and Folly 4 is 10. It seems particularly significant to me when a child moves from single digits to double digits and as it is my baby this year I am feeling this most keenly. We had a mini celebration with a meal out and the parties are happening later on in the month when all significant friends are available to join the festivities.

The girls all thought carefully about presents and as always it is interesting to see what they notice about the lifestyle and likes of their sisters.

Folly 4 decided that at the grand old age of 10 she no longer needed me to say 'goodnight', though happily this resolution only lasted 4 nights. 

Folly 1, however, is really showing her independence and has joined Mr and Mrs Folly as wage-earners in the household.  It is the last day of school for her later on this week and I'm not sure which one of us finds that harder to believe. 

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