Thursday, 26 April 2012

pride and joy

i think the part of the extension most exclaimed about by any female visitors is the new pantry.  And I have to admit that I too get quite excited about this little place.  It is squeezed into the corner of the kitchen and has an almost full sized door. We did have an experiment as to how many people we could get into the larder and managed 4 almost adult sized. 

There are shelves along two of the walls and a little room left for hooks most likely for aprons but you never know it could be onions! The internal walls are painted white and the electricians even put me a light up in there.

It is marvellous having all my food stored in one place. All the Follies like seeing exactly what we have available to eat, though I am finding that the stash of treats gets eaten more quickly than in the past.

The pantry is the perfect display space for my tupperware
bought about 15 years ago from my Canadian friend
(do you still use your boxes Heather?)

Whilst using the internet to research the design of my pantry I came across a couple of pantry titled blogs which I've enjoyed.

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  1. I totally adore this, why did we all think getting rid of them was such a good idea? Off to enjoy the links xxx