Monday, 9 April 2012


here at the Follies we usually stay home at Easter and this year is no exception. Our celebrations began Saturday night when we joined in the Easter Vigil Celebration of Light which usually begins after sunset. For us this was 8.30pm and the service finished around 10.30pm so easter morning was a lazy affair. 

In the past I have laid a trail around the house of brightly coloured plastic eggs filled with goodies but as the youngest Folly is almost 10 we have moved on to written clues which take more decoding. 

searching close to the woodpile for chocolate eggs
I always write the clues in rhyme though sometimes these can be a little forced. Here is this years selection:

Think of somewhere very cold.

Then grab the handle and be bold.
You may find something for your tea
Or perhaps you’ll find something 'wee'.

This one is not laid by a hen.
Go into the garden and think again
Eggs here we sometimes find.
You will need sharp eyes to look behind.

‘Where are you going to little brown mouse?
Come for a feast in my logpile house.’
Of the logs there are lots.
But whats’s nestled amongst the pots?
For this place there is no key.
But rather numbers – you’ll need three.
In addition to the treat there is a clue.
To find the last this you must do.
Now you are stuffed and can eat no more.
So the last is not made of chocolate galore.
Go to your rooms old and new.
And find something that each can do.

the afternoon continued in relaxed mode with lots of chocolate and sweetie eating accompanying movie watching.

We rounded off the evening with a family feast with us all around the table and look forward to spending time with our extended family later on in the week.

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  1. Fabulous rhyme, am going to use that idea next year! Happy Easter follies xx