Monday, 16 April 2012


... well I clearly jinked things with my last post, as after high hopes for an end to the renovations, things have slowed down once more.

The report from the building control officer has forced a change to the external door to the utility room. Mr and Mrs Folly are both disappointed about this as we were re-using an old door from a doorway we bricked up and it linked the old and new parts of the house really well from the outside.

The utility room door we had hoped to use on the new extension
The existing door to the kitchen in an older part of the house

The plumber fitted the toilet and put some water in the bowl to test the joint and discovered a leak through a hairline crack in the side of the toilet bowl.  We have returned this to the store and now have to wait for a new one to be delivered.
The data points were eventually installed but when Mr Folly checked them with his data connection gadget he found that half of them didn't work.  We also seem to have lost the majority of our tv channels much to the younger follies disgust.

All of these issues are small problems and for that I must remind myself to be grateful but I am becoming increasingly aware that patience is not one of my virtues.

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  1. So annoying and those little things are very frustrating - let's have a coffee very soon xx