Wednesday, 11 April 2012

nearly there

we are so close now to the extended part of the house being ready to move into that it is hard to be patient.  Each day seems to bring painfully slow progress on small details. 

Today the worktop and sink were fitted in the utility room. We are pleased with the look and once the two washing machines and dryer are fitted I know that I will be spending alot of time in here.

All the electrics were connected today so we are able to switch lights and try out the electric fire in the room which has become known as 'the snug'.

Painting continues when there isn't too much dust being created and the woodwork upstairs now has the first coat of paint.

A definite improvement on a few weeks ago 

There are still a list of items to complete ...

- data connections are not yet wired up - particularly important for Mr Folly's computer cupboard.

- the shower works but there is as yet no enclosure to contain the water!

- there are doors to be waxed

- and there are still a couple of holes in the floor to sort out

  • there are also a few building control technicalities which need to be sorted out before the project can be signed off.
We have chosen carpets for upstairs and once painting has finished we can have these fitted.  Downstairs the flooring has to wait until the scree has dried out a little and begun its curing process so we have delayed making any firm decisions about this.

I daren't ask about a new scheduled completion date as the answer might test my eagerness to the limit.

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