Thursday, 28 June 2012


twenty-five years ago four extremely youthful girls met as they began their year itogether in a student house in Hull. 

Last Saturday we all got back together again and spent a day catching up. We have remained in contact over those twenty five years but it was 9 years ago that all four of us were last together.

We spent a fabulous day in Oxford. This city was chosen as it was a central meeting point - we are not learned enough to have met there as students.

We enjoyed lunch at Jamie's and went for an absorbing historical wander before heading for the Ashmolean. At the museum we appreciated the modern art halls before heading to the rooftop restaurant for afternoon tea.

Since that October day in Hull our life journey's have taken us along very different paths. Some of us are now citzens of another country, some have children, some are married, some work full-time, some part-time and one of us is taking the adventrous step of self-employment.

Yet when we met the years fell away and we were laughing as we had always done, enjoying a glass of something bubbly as we had always done and exclaiming at the youthful antics around us. We are still the same people with many of the same habits, beliefs and most importantly still friends.


  1. How special - I did a similar thing (also in Oxford) a few years ago with my University housemates..........such an amazing bond between us all even though our lives are all so different now. Beautiful memories and reading yours brought mine back too, thank you xx

  2. Mmm, "something bubbly" Nats, from Lambrusco to Prosecco with some Champers in between, we've come a long way! Absolutely loved our day together. Like we've never been apart. Trish xx