Wednesday, 11 July 2012


back in the day, we didn't celebrate the end of school with a prom and so this year the three younger follies and I are living vicariously through the eldest Folly.

The 5 of us went into the city on the shopping trip for the dress and by the end four of us were sitting on the floor whilst the fashion parade occurred in front of us. The search culminated in unanimous agreement on a full length elegant frock.  There was not so much enthusiasm for the following search for shoes and bag so this was postponed for a later date.

Thursday was the big day and whilst the younger follies were working away at school Folly 1 was having hair and nails done. Then it was off to the friends house where a gang of 7 were getting ready together before departing for prom in a vintage ambulance.

 Now the vintage ambulance is a very old lady and though she bravely trundled her way through the city traffic to the gates of the manor she decided to stop right there and go no further.

So out with the first responder car and an arrival with blue flashing lights for some of the group, whilst the others had to walk up the driveway - now there was a test for the heels!

None of the Follies were prepared to miss out on this spectacle so along with plenty of other families we gathered at the prom venue to greet the girls.  Then we left them to their evening of 'finger buffet' and dancing whilst we went home to prepare the room for the return of a gang of 6 for a sleepover. 

Always fun to see how the glamour has faded by the end of a good night out!

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