Friday, 22 March 2013

a farewell

... it's been a strange few weeks here at the follies and we are all feeling a little sombre.  The events of the last three weeks culminated in the funeral of my grandmother in Manchester which we were all able to attend.

It is amazing to think that we all knew someone who was born as World War I began, who was 14 before women in Britain gained voting rights on the same terms as men and we have been lucky to have her in our lives for so long.  Although I didn't see her very many times a year in recent years, just knowing that I can no longer talk to her does leave a feeling of emptiness.

I do have a few of my grandmothers belongings around the house and a some projects in mind as I have a number of her embroideries, but these will come later.  For now I am spending a lot of time thinking of the part she played in our lives.

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  1. Just blog catching up and can relate to your sad news so well. My Grandma passed away this week (just in time to see a photo of our new babe) such mixed emotions, a life well lived who like yours has seen huge change. To not be able to talk to her, even knowing she lived a good life is sad. Love to all of you xx