Thursday, 25 April 2013


  Spring has certainly sprung here in the south of the UK with light mornings and evenings, as well as warm and sunny weather. 

This has resulted in a few signs of the turn of the seasons amongst the Follies ...

Folly 4 has dug out the gingham school dress

I am fast out of my boots and into sandals

Folly 1 is daring to go without a coat 

but for Follies 2 & 3 the big debate - tights or not - is ongoing, partly as a fashionable alternative is hard to find.

Mr Folly has been spending time in the garden and has followed Monty Don's steps to a mini meadow.  He is trying to pursue his dream of an immaculate lawn but I feel this is fated to be one summer dream that does not happen!

1 comment:

  1. Hooray for spring, not hooray for white legs .....might just wear tights all summer! x