Monday, 20 August 2012


after quite some time away from blogging I really need to catch up.

The school holidays started towards the end of July and as ever rather than having more time to write blog posts I find that I have even less.  My excuse for the last 2 weeks is that we were lucky enough to be able to go abroad for a summer holiday this year.  Over the past few years our summer breaks have been in Britain, but this year with the eldest folly completing her GCSE's we thought it time to do something a little special.

Majorca was the answer and we spent 2 weeks in a villa in the north of the island. We were all able to relax as our pace slowed down and life became easy with the tricky decisions consisting of pool or beach, barbeque or restaurant and supermarket or traditional market stalls.

We hired cars whilst on the island. I say cars because people carriers are few and far between so we had 2 small fiat cars instead. Initially I was nervous about driving but the roads were great and my years of driving on the right whilst living in Canada all came flooding back.

The only down side to our holiday was that Folly 4 had quite a bad time with her asthma in the drier climate and would wake during the night.  We eventually admitted we were unable to cope with her symptoms and took her to the doctor where she was given help with a change of medication and time on the nebuliser.

It is good to be back in our own home and we have tried to keep something about that relaxed feel to our days back here. But appointments do keep intruding and I really miss the inevitability of a blue sky every morning!

ps. a big thanks to little sis for her photo editing for this post.


  1. Was thinking exactly the same about my blog and catching up. Hope the asthma is sorted now? Looks like a gorgeous holiday xx

  2. I like the bit that says 'we would like to do something special beacuse'. We seem to be saying something similar for a few years now. We say, 'we need to do something special because next year so and so will not want to join us because she is in College, Uni, finished Uni...job? Next summer, she should have difficulty getting a leave from a job?(hope and pray), but already wrote her name down to come with us where ever the sun and sand maybe :-) Heres to Happy families x