Wednesday, 29 August 2012


whilst in majorca we came across not just 'meercats' but 'supermercats' and this was where we sometimes went to buy necessary provisions.  It has now become the family saying for any grocery shopping we do.

However, we much prefered to wander around the colourful outdoor markets and we could find one nearby for everyday of the week.

The fresh salad, vegetables, fruits and flowers looked gorgeous and were not all exactly the same shape and hue, but actually looked as if they had grown on real plants outside.

Folly 4 is something of an olive fiend so to find multiple stalls groaning with olives was her idea of heaven.

tomato sculpture courtesy of Folly 4

So cheap were these delightful items that it appears no-one buys such produce individually. As I wandered away from the other follies tempted by the scent and colour I made my request at a stall for 'uno' pepper.  The family were much amused to see me return to them with a purchase of one kilo of red peppers!

We ate at the villa for much of the time as there was a built in barbeque and our own recipe for sangria hit the mark, but we did try some Spanish specialities.

 again thanks to little sis for help with photo editing this post.

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