Friday, 31 August 2012

time spent

before our holiday I did briefly wonder how all 6 of us would get along in such close proximity without electronic distractions.

Yet, as it turned out there were few niggles amongst us over the time spent together. We settled into routines of

  • trips to the beach or cove
  • time spent in the pool practising synchronised swimming routines
  • watching olympic coverage with accompanying german commentary
  •  discovering the delights of snorkelling
  • evening card games
  • dusky walks along the beach front


We managed to fit in an excursion to marineland, a trip on a glass bottomed boat and a dinner show. 

Much to the chargrin of some of us we did not manage any visits to nightclubs or organised activiites by travel reps.

the cross of the knights templar

We made it to Mass on the 2 Sundays of our stay - the first time completely by luck (or bad luck according to the younger follies).  The catholic church was tucked away to the side of the town square and looked unassuming from the outside. However, inside it was a different matter and we discovered that this church had been built in the 14th century by the Knights Templar.

the cockerel is the symbol of Pollenca

The comical addition of seeing a dog in the congregation one week, a dove flying above the altar the next and the seemingly unholy mosaics on the floor helped the endurance of the young folllies.

Now it seems strange that we are home and have an altogether different routine.

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